Roulette Paypal Casino

Roulette PayPal Casino

Roulette is the game of the games in the casino and nowaday it is online better than in a real casino. Thanks to the immersive roulette, you can play roulette comfortably from home now in HD quality, with highly trained dealers and a replay in slow motion to exactly observe the ball’s motion.


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777 – The best Roulette Paypal Casino

777 paypal casino site logoThe 777 Casino is a brand-new Paypal casino from the creators of 888 and is one of the few Casinos offering the exclusive immersive roulette. Of course, there are also a variety of other live roulette tables.

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Selection of roulette tables at 777

roulette paypal casino site 777At 777, you’ll find many tables of different kinds of live roulette. Of course, the original immersive roulette will be available 24 hours a day. There is also a roulette table with other croupiers, which is very entertaining if you are in the mood for a chat. Also Auto-Roulette, which has no croupiers, as well as tables with multi-languaged croupiers and classical roulette tables, are available.

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Advantages of live roulette

In live roulette, you can practice your strategies in the same way as in normal roulette, but at the same time you can watch real dealers at work, and a real casino atmosphere in your own home. The game is offered in English or German language and, optionally, you can chat with many different dealers. Particularly exciting and also very close to reality is immersive roulette: attractive female croupiers wait for you to play roulette in high definition, appearing on your home screen almost like in real life. As soon as the ball is heading for the drawer in the roulette wheel, slow motion is turned on, making you sweat when the ball comes near your lucky number. And the comfort? It could not be better, because you can control everything with a clear graphic with the mouse. Explore the action from the point of view of many HD cameras, and experience live roulette like in a real casino just without paying much too high prices for drinks and having a long, annoying travel.

Roulette rules

A quick reminder at the beginning: roulette is played on a special table, at the upper end of a so-called roulette wheel, which is having 37 numbered compartments. Once you have made your bet, the croupier puts a ball in the rotating wheel – and if you’re lucky, the ball will finally stay in the compartment that fills your bet. The different types of bets determine your earnings: for example, you can bet on simple 50/50 chances such as red or black, odd or even and 1 to18 or 19 to 26. Here you have a chance of winning of close to 50 % and get back twice your bet. However, you can bet on a single number and have a payout of 35:1. There are plenty of other betting types in roulette such as the cheval or the carre. The game is very popular and offers many combinations and lucrative payout possibilities. The variety of different bets and the very varied game ensure, that the game is never getting boring, and the famous feeling of „one more time“ also guarantees you will be absolutely amazed.